Two weeks ago, I was at an investor meeting in Washington, organised by a firm which specialises in looking for opportunities in Africa, and bringing such to the notice of American investors. The event was organised under Chatham House rules, so I can’t tell you who said what, but what is important is that all the people on the other side of the table were quite clear that they will not be investing in Nigeria until we get serious.
We aren’t serious
Cheta Nwanze

Even me that is a Nigerian, residence in Nigeria and who invests money for people in Nigeria have stopped investing in Nigeria. Nigeria is currently set up to kill small and medium scale businesses. Our monetary policies are strange and we have no fiscal policy.

You look at what the economic managers are doing and you get the feeling that everyone is simply waiting for oil price to go back up. No strategy, no long term plan, nothing. We have so many shocks hitting the economy, and the policies we get only end up adding more shocks. If you know something about earthquakes, then you know that the aftershocks can sometimes be more damaging than the earthquake itself. If we are having it so bad now, imagine the incoming aftershock when Naira finally stabilizes.

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