Giving it a go…

Since December of last year, I’ve made an attempt to write every day.

I did what all of the little life hack guides suggest. Bought a decent notebook, some fancy pens, and I even wrote “The first page is profound” on the first page to try and alleviate any stress about the contents of said notebook.

Unfortunately, life happens.

Waking up at 6am every morning, working an 8+ hour day, and then being in class until 8pm every night makes it incredibly difficult to “make time” to write. Especially when it involves going into something that isn’t part of my workflow.

I’ve ended up writing things down here and there, mostly from truck stop diners as I’m eating breakfast on mornings that I wake up early enough to have breakfast, but I haven’t done much else beyond that. It’s still a very cathartic exercise, just difficult to fit in.

Enter Medium.

A couple months ago I downloaded the app solely because I had read a story about how ridiculous their release notes were. I put in some information, added some interests, and found pretty quickly that I liked the content the app provided. The format was easy to follow, well placed, and didn’t require any management from my end. It is simple and since it lives in a browser, it is easy to add into my daily motions.

So I’m going to give it a try. See what comes out. See how long it takes for me to give up entirely on it and forget it even exists.

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