Massive Open Online Courses used to be 100% free. But they didn’t stay that way.
Dhawal Shah

Yeah, I have the same feeling. I still have a mixed feelings about MOOC. Honestly, I prefer books much more. But I understand that it takes ages for a professor to write one. So, video lectures are much more cheaper for them, while it’s a pain for a students. So, MOOC is a trade off. From one hand you don’t have an access to the workshops, you can not ask a question if you don’t understand, the material is not as crystal clean as in the book. From other hand it is inexpensive. I hoped that Coursera etc. understand this quite good and will somehow use advertisement model. I think even being a course-provider looks like an Ad. But if they are going to close all of the free courses, that just means, that we trusted them too much when they were saying that they are going to change a world. They are just going to raise some money.

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