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Estimation, Monte Carlo Forecasting, Top 10 technology trends for 2020, Code Reviews at Google and Microsoft, Quantum Supremacy

💭 Thought of the Week

Economic balance for test automation and Architectural Decision Records

Thoughts on Software Architecture #1
  • Thought: Economic balance for test automation
  • Tool: Architectural Decision Records

Five universally applicable signs the taxi industry was ripe for disruption —and how you can avoid getting left behind like they did.

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Improve your skills. Step up your career.

Examples, hypotheses and possible consequences of the Everything-as-a-Service movement

Automate build, test and deployment using GitLab CI/CD


  1. Create GitLab Repository
  2. Create Angular 6 demo application
  3. Configuration Angular 6 for CI/CD (Build, Test, Deploy)
  4. Create Firebase project
  5. Configure CI/CD in GitLab


Automate build, test and deployment using Bitbucket Pipelines

Motivation to invest in CI/CD

Modern Software Architecture with Domain Driven Design (DDD). Introduction on DDD and its relation to Microservices, Reactive Systems, BPM, Agile, CQRS and Event Sourcing.

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