A note to my sister.

I was the third born in our family, seeing my big brothers caring , annoying and loving me was the best thing i experienced as a sister. My parents were always struggling about life same as many other parents who care about their families to put food on the table and giving a steady shelter to their kids. You came in, and was tremendously happy to have a little sister like you, I remember everything about you was soo tiny, i use to refer you as Litlle kitten Lol! When we were all growing up, things weren’t easy because we were all fighting, annoying our parents, causing trouble and most of the times while having fun, No kid is actually aware of that but when they grown up they understand how their parents have struggled to see them growing. I used to be the one sitting while everyone was playing outside, used to be the one preparing “Macedoine” fruit salad for everyone at home and fight with lennon because i was keeping some to our housemaids. Mum would be scolding me everytime i fought with him, because while fighting with lennon i used my nails to bit him. Lol, so no signs of being beaten was shown on my body but on him yes! I was close to Daryl because we had alot of thing in common, intelligent, ambitious and calm whereas lennon and nella were also close because it was other way-round compared to us. Fabrice has always been the funniest one, loved by everyone at home including our friends. Home used to be the fun place to be, most of the times one of the very exciting times was all of us having dinner on the table, one day we were all eating and Dad was making sure that every door were closed before we go to sleep, then suddenly came with a key splitted into two, asking all of us who spoiled it. Mum and i laughed so hard that we couldn’t bare not laughing at his serious face and also the rest of my relatives concetrated on their plates just to not say who did it. My liltle sister and I were so close, we shared a room , shared most of the things at home, in our room one thing we would never miss to have was a radio, i remember that everytime we wouldn’t sleep without listening to music. In the morning we took a shower together while singing, our favourite group bands were Destiny’s child and Boyz 2 men. We used to be singing to their songs every single day. She loved Kelly Rowland and I loved Beyonce, this was because sometimes we couldn’t agree everytime on who sings better or looks more beautiful between the other one, i guess it was because we all thaught what we were saying make sense and plus it felt like we were on a competiton everytime. While growing up, we were always still there for each other to the point that everyone in our family was asking themselves if we would end up separating , like if one of us go study abroad or get married what was going to happen. We always told each other secrets, sometimes i was even scared of telling her something thinking that she might do it because her bigsister also did. I would wait for her to tell me thing before so that i know what exaclty to tell her. I remember one time we all had boyfriends and at night we would all be on the phone one facing on the right side of the bed and the other one the left side. Lol! TIGO made it happen for us those days. We would sleep in the morning saying love words on the phone with our lovers at that time. One day i woke up and find my self miles away from my family and from her since she was the one i used to be hanging out with the most. I went to study in Malaysia and our communication was through facebook, since whatsapp wasn’t there, I didn’t have a laptop at that time but my good friend Diane had one so i would borrow hers, or sometimes stay at school in the computer library to talk with her. I used to be working home with a huge smile on my face after that. Skype came and we would fix skype dates, my mum used to be on her neck to stop her from disturbing me because of the time difference. I came to learn that she had made it on her A levels national exams/High school, and to tell you the truth everyone was suprised because she did, because she was average in school, I am making her look a bit good! Lol.. But Yeah, everyone was expecting her grades to come out as a D (50% or lesser) and she made it with a D+ at that time. She said, i am also going to study abroad and in China, my parents were like no university is going to accept you with those grades, she was we’ll see. The second minute, she had a school ready to jump on the plane and wave to the family and Kigali as she left. I remember when i left her she kept telling me, “ You should have put me in your laggages and i would have fit, am not even that heavy” lol.

Later on, i came to know that she was doing big in China, she became a good singer and guitarist. She started writing her own songs and going places to sing for people. At first, we couldn’t believe it, Dad kept saying that he knew since day one that among all of us, She would be the one to learn quickly because she had an ear to listen faster. I didn’t know what he meant though, because i remember Dad used to be teaching us one by one, and everytime when it was my turn, he used to be finding out with long nails and ask me to cut them, and i was so girly that i would say okay am coming and go into my room and pretend i am still then come back when class was over.

She is now the best in what she is doing not in singing and playing guitar, but she has learnt to play piano too. She is making wise and tough decisions about her life and everyone at home is proud. I remember sometimes we used to be fighting and because she has a strong personality more than me, i would keep talking since i have always had what to say, but she would also be throwing the truth in my face , like you stammer, or no I don’t want this and that, Why are you even acting all wiser than me; Sometimes i would be crying and she wouldn’t be giving a damn! Lol. But my Dad is the one who told me that “whenever you have problems with another person and you keep fighting, One has to give up and make his/herself tinier it doesn’t matter how humiliating it will be but what matters is both of you fixing things and having back that friendship you had before”. I would do that and sometimes would still be mad and it will end up flying away.

I have always been her role model, but i taking the compliment back to her, because now she is now more than never the best role model i have ever had, am sure not only for me but many of us including mu parents. She is the person who sees the good from the worst, no matter how life would hit her, she has her own way to say that it happened for a reason and that how even that bad/ challenge came is the same way good/answer will come. Always have sermons to give you for you to feel that you are not doing anything for your own but through God you will do bigger than that, She taught me that lying on on material things is not worthy it, we are the ones to know that we can own anything we want from working hard and having faith that we will. Something she got from mum though, And i got from my dad that nothing goes out freely. But her and mum would say yes, but even if they did what can you do but focus on to do differently. I would loose money and stay angry, and mum would tell me that its okay, its just money, it comes and goes. Which means my liltle sister has a lot of great things in her store to learn from her. No one is perfect, but if you can do something little in a perfect way then that’s it, you would even do bigger. She is awesome and i love that about her, loyal to her family and friends I love that about her and true to herself which is brilliant from her.