‘’ Vina Stenbock, my cousin. Don’t mind the look! ‘’

And today is my cousin’s birthday Levina, but we call her Vina. We have alot in common, her mum is my dad’s cousin. My family is not that close, which i don’t know why, but i guess my great grand parents know why. I don’t like digging deeper to get responses to that but i guess it’s because not everyone is interested to know in my family either. Well, i tried once and concluded that in life we don’t really have to know everything, I mean not necessarily everything! I’ve learnt that what your eyes are interested to see amd your hands are interested to touch, Boom! The vision gets clear! I love the Stenbock’s family because yea, I’ve seen and touched alot of importamt things that made sense to me. My aunt’s love Kinyoni (Rwandan name) and her kids! OMG I love her kids alot. She has 5 kids, the older one passed away 5 years back, one of the best person i knew in my family. Adorable, fun, stubborn kids to be around and full of love. And oh! Their dad is from belgium so they have mixed nationalities. Anyways, let’s get back to Vina she loves writting too one thung we have in common, Happy Birthday to you Darling.

‘’ Me and my cousins in 2013, Matty, Vina, Aella and I. And our hands in the middle”
‘’ lev and I” He is an interesting guy fyi! ‘’
‘’Matty, Aella in the middle and I”

Well, I would take ages attaching their pictures. Thats it for now! Hope enjoy them!

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