Twitter: From ‘chirps from birds’ to shouts from the White House.

Texts between friends: Content

Top: Twitter’s (then Twittr) original homepage Bottom: An early user’s feed
Chris Messina proposes the (initially rejected) idea to use hashtags — the now ubiquitous feature of twitter and other social media pages.

Anatomy of a Tweet: Pattern

Twitter breaks the news: Pattern to Information

A tweet during the demonstrations in Ferguson, MO in the aftermath of the police shooting of Michael Brown. Twitter was the primary medium of sharing the alleged misconduct of law enforcement towards protesters and the media during the demonstrations. Users were able to see unfiltered images and video as well as opinions surrounding the event by searching the record 7.8 million tweets with the hashtag #Ferguson

Engaging users: Navigation

Feed — 2007- 2009.
2010 Homepage
Twitter Mobile App, 2017. From left to right: Home Screen, Notification Screen, and the “Explore” feature. Notice the horizontal menu at the bottom. The home screen no longer defaults to the newest tweets but rather targeted content towards the user.

The Future of Twitter




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