A Not-Very-Relatable Post About Taking Zero Maternity Leave and Doing All the Things and Everything…

Thank you so much for writing this! I have always intensely disliked the ‘one size fits all’ mom category, where we are surrounded by the narrative of after a baby all we want to do is talk about them, focus on them, and occasionally cry in the shower because we aren’t ourselves anymore. Fuck that noise. I am more myself than ever after two kids, taking short maternity leaves for both of them (And I’m Canadian, so this was a big deal, culturally) and I have no regrets. For me, there is never going to be a stage in my life where I am comfortable not bringing in my own money, no matter what my husband is doing. And working is awesome- I enjoy conversing with other adults on a non-child-related topics, going to the bathroom alone, and drinking coffee while it’s still hot.

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