Medical Use V.S. Addiction

Risks are found in a lot of places throughout life and it’s just something each individual has to go through. The risk of using recreational drugs use vary because risks include health problems, social issues, addiction and sometimes even death. Although when the idea of recreational drugs use for health and wellness purposes get brought up, it is shut down with opinions and belief that plenty of people hold true to themselves. Many believe that it’s the main gateway to get into addiction or having certain drugs in the wrong hands. Although if there was a circumstance where the use was moderated, then the result shouldn’t be as devastating or negative.

Plenty of people misunderstand the definition and what it actually means to be addicted to something. There is a variety of substances, products or habits someone can adapt as an addiction. Addiction is known as a chronic disease and a mental illness which is usually impossible to control based on how compulsive it can be. The decision to take a substance or do something starts off usually as a decision but after constant habit the brain changes the way it handles the drug which why they become constant. People who have suffered addiction in the past have the danger of returning their addictive ways. Most people have different brain reactions while being addicted to something. According to National Institute of Drug Abuse, the substance affects the brain’s “reward circuit” allowing dopamine to be released which allows the body feel pleasure and encourages the individual to repeat the action. As all of this is happening, the body gets used to the substance which allows the individual’s tolerance become higher. When the tolerance becomes high the individual will usually take more than they usually do which will eventually harm the body in several different ways. Although there are several ways to recover from drug addiction which is achieved by going to a professional to guide the individual out of danger and to held accountable.

As we get older the information on what drugs really are isn’t much of a secret anymore especially to the younger generation simply because of certain aspects that go on around media and tragedies due to misuse of drugs. Addiction is a mental illness that is becoming more promoted in our society which worries plenty of individuals because it might might fall into the wrong hands. Addiction usually starts when someone tries a certain substance once and decides that they just can’t have enough of it then usually end up going out of their way to obtain the drug. This can end up in several different way because the addiction can just become a huge part and a priority in their life. There has been several cases where people end up losing relationships with dear ones, their jobs, their homes and themselves and there are just so many more additional possible events that is involved in being a constant target for narcotics especially with how our society has developed over time. Many lives are at risk because of how the narcotic industry can get very intense and sometimes even violent.

Many people believe that using recreational drugs for health purposes will make people come up with several excused to obtain that certain drug. This can be prevented by monitoring the consumption under supervision, using recreational drugs if there isn’t any other solution to bettering a health issue or not using this method if they or a family member has suffered from any addiction. If there is proper use of recreational drugs for m