My Camp (2nd Draft)

A Weekend at Camp (Second Draft)

It’s Friday night and I’m sitting in the back seat of my dad’s old chevy. My sister and I are singing along at tops of our voices to Shania Twain’s Up, oblivious to the fact that neither of us can sing. We have an hour long drive ahead of us and our little ten year old lungs can last the whole way. I daydream about all the things we will do this weekend at camp. The evergreen and birch trees fly by as we follow the old familiar route to our cottage in the woods. The highway twists and turns and dips and winds as we get closer and closer to our destination.

When we finally arrive we unpack our bags. Its mid July but there is a cold breeze coming off the lake so we all layer up and put our oversized pullovers on and start a fire in the fire pit at the base of the hill in front of our camp. My parents, my sister and I all huddle around the flames enjoying the brisk summer night.

The next morning was sunny, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The first thing I did was jump out of bed and get my swimsuit on. My sister scrambled down from the top bunk and did the same. We grabbed our giant beach towels, said good morning to mom and dad and ran down the hill to the lake. The water was clear and as calm as a sheet of glass. The calm of the early morning was soon shattered as we cannonballed into the lake. My sister and I spent the whole day swimming, playing pretend, and racing each other to the floating island that rested lazily a few feet from the shoreline. Exhausted and finally worn out we climbed out of the water and into the comfort of our beach towels that had been warmed by the sun.

After dinner we all donned our usual oversized sweatshirts and gathered around the bonfire once again. We laugh and chat and share the stories of the day. The stars come out and we try and point out the different constellations but all we can find is the little and big dipper duo. Fireflies twinkle flashes of green light every now and again playing a game of hide and seek as we try to catch them. Soon everyone grows quiet with fatigue so my dad puts the fire out and we make our way back up the hill and collapse into our beds.

The next day the four of us tumble out of our beds all still sleepy from the previous day’s adventures. We sit in the living room of the camp and watch the sun rise and stream in through the incredible floor to ceiling windows. My sister and I spend a couple hours reading and doing puzzles while my dad gets the boat ready for a trip across the lake. When my dad says he is ready to go my mom sister and I all hurry down to the dock to meet him. We put our life jackets on, reminiscent of a troop marshmallow people, we drive across the lake to the beach. We soon cross the small lake and arrive on the other side where there is a small shallow area with a patch of sand. My parents relax in the sun while my sister and I set out to build the biggest sandcastle ever. We soon get distracted and begin to look for clams and chase schools of minnows. Too quickly the day passes by and we must return to the camp before evening falls. It is Sunday night and we already have to pack up and head home.

Packing up doesn’t take long and soon the four of us are in my dad’s old chevy again, and heading home. I am dismayed that the weekend has come and gone so quickly, and there are so many things I didn’t get the chance to do. So I make a list for my next visit. I make my dad promise to take me fishing and ATVing. I tell my sister that we will hunt for frogs next weekend. And I write down all the books I want to read. Maybe next weekend there will be more time.