Fight Climate Change Deniers

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Average life span of a human has increased from 40s in 1900s to 70s in 2020/21. World population has increased from 1.65 billion in 1900s to 7.4 billion right now — nearly quadrupled. It is set to grow another 50% to nearly 11 billion by 2100.

De-forestation combined with exponential industrialization have created geological imbalances. Natural methods of sustenance are not viable anymore. Growing population and increased life expectancy will not halt. Research work will make advancement in ageing and life expectancy. We are facing uninhabitable conditions not 500 years from now, potentially 100 years from now.

Conservative legislatures and climate change deniers’ fight against climate change control by blaming natural causes is the best case of ignorance you can notice.

Perhaps we could do something to help them realize (a big IF).

Gather 3 strong climate change deniers. Make them sit in a 10 ft x10 ft room with AC at 68 degrees temperature, fixed supply of water and food. Now pack in another 12 folks in the same room, with no additional water or food or air-condition regulation. See if they can cite summer/winter for the cause.

Renewable sources are not a preferable method but our only option. Resurrecting forests along with pollution control are table stakes.




Father | Husband | Son | Brother

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Kannan Kartha

Kannan Kartha

Father | Husband | Son | Brother

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