related story of low hanging fruit
Grapes are sour can be retold.
  1. to acquire new customers fast
  2. to maintain cash-flow consistently, and
  3. to set easily achievable short-term goals.

10 examples of low hanging fruits strategy for local businesses

  • For a saloon, beard-setting or shaving is a low hanging fruit.
  • For a beauty parlor, facial or waxing can bring frequent customers.
  • For a dentist, teeth…

Words That Sell

  • Website Optimization,
  • Content Production and Optimization,
  • Search Engine Optimization,
  • Online Profiling,
  • Social Media Planning and Optimization,
  • Pay Per…

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Neeraj Kumar, the knkayastha | Technical by Education | Artistic by Hobby | Like to beautify words, work and ultimately world | InternetMarketing Professional

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