I hated to watch my mother struggle as we were growing up. We never had money for bills or food. No one ever helped us, but that never stop my mom from helping friends out in need. Watching my mom, a single mother, work part time at Wendy’s, and raise three children was almost unbearable. But no matter how poor we were she always made sure we were healthy, safe, and had clothes on our back. We never went a day hungry.
Growing up poor really showed me who I want to be in life. I want to be someone that doesn't have to worry about how she is going to pay the bills or eat that night. I am going to be a successful women and never have to need someone to help me get through. I am going to be a strong independent women that makes ends meet and still has money to feel safe. I will never be poor again. I am going to get a degree in nursing. I am going to do something I love everyday and still come home to my beautiful husband and future children. I am going to make it and succeed in life and I wont settle for anything less. Still having all that, I will still remember how my mom raised us and the importance of loving each other and being family. My mom always said “Never be greedy, all you need is love. Make sure you love what you do, and never settle for anything less”
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