The Most Magical Place On Earth

I never thought a place could make me so happy. Growing up, Disney was my life. I watched all the princess movies and knew all the songs. I dreamed of being a princess. We didn't have a lot of money so I’ve never been on vacation but this year I got a job and saved up all my money to travel to Disney World in Florida for my senior trip.

It was more amazing then I could have ever imagined. The weather was beautiful and didn't rain one day. The resorts were so comfortable and really made you feel at home. Magical kingdom was by far the most magical one of all. Seeing the castle made the memories of being a little girl come back to me. I really wish I could have brought my family because it is really a place for family. I felt really guilty for going without my eight year old sister because I know she would of had the time of her life. Every ride I rode I imagined the look on her face.

This is the most magical place on earth and I cant wait till the day I return.

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