The Small Town of Malvern

I live in a town that is about three blocks wide. Their is only one grocery store, gas station and a school that holds all students from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Everybody knows everybody and parents still gossip like high school girls.
Younger kids hang out at the park and the teenagers hangout at Mohawk lake. There is many events where the whole town gets together and its like a family reunion. You know generations of families from grandparents to babies. The hardest part about living in a small town is you do not want a bad reputation. Your business will definitely get around town and you will be the talk of the week. That story will follow you for many years to come.
Malvern is big on sports. The community gets together to support the football and basketball teams. Friday nights are for cold football games, where the loud fans scream and the little kids play tag football behind the bleachers. In the winter, basketball games are every Tuesday and Friday, where everybody travels tons of miles to get to all the games. It takes about twenty mins to get to our closest rival, but some games are hours away.
Malvern is the best town to be in. To games on weekdays to racing on weekends, there is always an event to attend. Knowing everybody makes you feel like a huge family and everybody has each others backs. We look out for one another and will always hold on to the memories that you made once you move on to bigger and better things. I will always remember my hometown and will be for ever grateful for the people I can call my family.
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