Don’t underestimate yourself.

Stop letting people that are only leaves be with you and act like they want to be cemented in your life like a branch.

Stop giving people the time of day and you know they’re not worthy

You are worthy. You are a gem. You are light. You are love. Love is you. It’s within us all. Even in the darkest of souls, love sits and dwells waiting for someone to reciprocate and open up your heart space to love.

Do not let fear of success stop you. I battle with myself and my inner demons everyday you have to overcome them. You have to look them in the face and state they don’t live here — they serve no purpose.

I suffocated myself for awhile with my habits my temptation my weaknesses. I told myself I will not allow myself to suffer due to me & my choices. I did my Sacred Aura Cleanse & started crying and releasing

.. my body purging and letting go of all that is needed. All my past trauma , guys that I slept with in the past everything.. I bottled up inside and held on to — all came pouring out. The next 7 days after my Aura Cleanse I wore light colors, and made sure to write down every thought that came to me I knew it meant something….

I know now that the reasoning of everything is to put me in direct alignment with my destiny. I learned that loving myself is far more pleasing than loving someone who cannot love because they don’t know themselves.

I learned that my past ways do not live here. My selling my thighs and body in a past was just a journey a stop in which I had to gather and understand my body, my sexuality who I am as a Wombman. I learned that my sexual energy is only tamed by me and my intellect. No man can come enter this sacred space unless he is worthy, willing, loving, spiritual, at peace, balanced. I know that sex works through you and others. Sex is a spiritual exchange between two souls.

Whoever your sleeping with they are, and vice versa. If you slept with 10 ppl they slept with 10 ppl plus the other ppl they slept with and so on and so forth. Understand your body as a Wombman is precious. At 7 + 17 I lost myself. I lost my light that sparkle in my eye. I’m 21 now and I finally understand me and what I’m called to do. My adolescent years I didn’t know my womb, my body, so I let tainted souls in , I let myself be damaged … until I knew that I do not have to be damaged. I do not have to stay like this. I know that sadness anger depression are all lower vibrational emotions so how do I let that go…. I do not allow that frequency into my space. I find myself talkin to myself more — asking myself whether this is appropriate or not? If it’s not , I leave.

I learned that my body is my body. I don’t care of anyone’s perceptions of me or opinions, I am who I am for a reason. I know that many women have gon thru plenty of traumatic situations and emotional outbreaks so take the time to connect with Self and womb. By using my Sacred Aura Cleanse or Sacred Wombman Yoni Steam it’ll help you really get to understand you and really release. I do my aura cleanse every week , Yoni Steam before cycle and every month or whenever I feel I need one. If you’d like more info on my services please don’t hesitate to message me lovebugs … peace + love Asè✨🌸💛