The Renovation Guide: Different Types of Knobs for Decoration

If you are Planning to renovate the cabinet, bathroom and drawers for your home then you must be aware about decorative knobs hardware. Each and every piece can add specific look to your home. here is types of knobs guidance to help on your way.

Ceramic Knobs: Ceramic cabinet knobs is a product with colorful design to add kitchen cabinet and bathroom cabinet furniture. majority of ceramic knobs material are handmade Ceramic cabinet knobs and hand painted with installation ceramic knobs shows the decorative feeling with amazing design and painted.

Ceramic Knob

Glass knobs: Glass Round Knob with Air Bubbles for your kitchen, bathroom cabinets and drawers. These glass bubble knobs looks very amaze to decorative hardware. These fun glass knobs add a touch of design to your household cabinets, drawers or dressers.

Glass Bubble Knob

Kids Knobs: kids cartoon knobs is handmade and hand painted cabinet knobs which decor the children’s room, kids knobs would be very attractive and giving decorative touch and For decorative purpose then , bathroom cabinets and much more ! Includes screws for installation.

Kids Knob

Wooden Knobs: Green and Yellow Color Kitchen Cabinet Wooden Knobs, perfect for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The flash wooden knobs would be slightly decorative towards the interior designs!

Resin Knobs: Antique Design Resin Dresser cabinet knob, bring this unique and elegant knob and give a perfect compliment to your furniture, kitchen and bathroom cabinets! Order includes screws for installation.

Metal Knobs: Yellow, red, white and turquoise glass knob on a metal base will add color and style to your kitchen and bathroom cabinets! These unique, hand painted and well established cabinet knobs are 1.4" in diameter and includes screws for installation. Delivery time is normally 5 to 7 business days. Minimum order of three knobs — mix and match.

Metal Knob

Knobco Knobs: Hand Made & painted decorative yellow and blue Flower Cabinet Knob North Carolina(USA) & Jaipur(INDIA). Unique, round cabinet decorative knobs category hardware for you bathroom cabinets. it may slightly vary in color as well as in designs from the picture.

knobco knobs

Conclusion: Knobco is international marketplace to selling the knobs, tiles, drawer pulls in international market. There are multi designed product in a single brand like tiles, cabinet knobs, handmade blue pottery designs

Knobco Decorative Hardware

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Knobco is a partnership between the Burns and Bordia families that started in 2002. We source, manufacturer, and distribute handmade pottery, home decor.

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