In Order To Take Down The Deep State, We Must Collaborate Across Ideological Lines
Caitlin Johnstone

I can only quibble a bit.

This cooperation will become easier soon as we figure out that “military” is hardly the only word that can go before “-industrial complex”. Any sufficiently enormous enterprise qualifies:

Health care

And so forth. The sales pitches for each industrial complex may be coated in different flavors of language, patriotic or compassionate or whatever, but the goal is the same for military, prison, education and health care crony-capitalists — to present the perception that people are being helped, when the reality is that the help will be the minimum that’s politically necessary and will only arrive after the usual middlemen skim their percentages off the top.

At no point will there be a solution that actually solves the problem, only a grand press conference to announce legislation that “manages” it until the legislation’s built-in flaws become apparent. And absolutely forbidden is any discussion of why on earth your tax dollar has to take a grand tour through several levels of government near and far before arriving in the form of 63 cents to assist, for example, the little old lady next door living on Social Security who needs a couple grab bars and a hallway railing installed so she can stay independent.

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