You Should Be Using an IDE

For those who are starting to code, IDEs or integrated development environments, can help with easing and simplifying the coding process with shortcuts, extensions, and integrations with other software that elevates the learning curve that they, or you, might encounter. There are many different IDEs available for nearly any coding language out there, and many even are free for the beginner to use. Once the beginner, or you, have chosen your preferred language to learn, an IDE should be the next step.

Typically, one starts learning to code on a basic text editor, such as Window’s NotePad, as most operating systems come with one installed. However, the basic editor is exactly that, basic. Having to manually format and repeatedly type common phrases or tags can quickly drive someone up the wall, myself included. After I had been told about an IDE when I first started I thought it was unnecessary until the little annoyances built up. I broke down and decided to try my first IDE. To be only slightly metaphorical IT CHANGED MY LIFE!

Shortly after downloading and installing my first IDE, PyCharm, I was quickly converted to never forsaking an IDE ever again. Being able to quickly identify multiple parts of my code quickly and organize my code so much easier literally cut my coding down by half. Admittedly, I tend to nitpick at how my code is to appear, but using NotePad for months before switching made it clear how much an IDE can help. Now, years later, I am a firm fan of Visual Studio for my coding needs. Using VS Code IDE for my projects with it’s integration with github allows me to work on multiple projects from anywhere, and allows me to do it in a fraction of the time that I would normally take.

Now, the act of picking an IDE for you may not be easy, but take heart, it only needs experimentation. Finding the right IDE for you will just take some research and trial and error. Look in the forums for your chosen language to see which is the most popular and give it a try. Find articles that can, and do, compare them. Try them out one at a time. You will eventually find one that is for you. And you will thank yourself for it.




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Dustin Perry

Dustin Perry

Web Design Freelancer

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