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By Zara Jones

If you love travelling as much as I do, but can’t afford to completely quit working/studying, you’re in luck. There are actually many different travel programs who give you the opportunity to work/study while travelling the world. Whether it’s the hassle of transportation, accommodation, 24/7 internet access or landing a location independent job — you have so many options! The reason I’ve been able to work while travelling the world for the past 2 years is because of the flexibility provided by my company along with the amazing facilities these travel agents provide.

Over the last few years there has been a proliferation of such travel agents on the web. These sites do the hard work for you, for various services, allowing you to travel the world effortlessly. Surfing through the web, I have come across this amazing travel agent which surpasses all our expectations — Knomadic! Knomadic aims to develop and facilitate a platform where remote workers and students from all over the world can travel to exotic places in the world in the company of other interesting people who will enhance the whole experience for them.

In addition to the program I have been currently working on, Knomadic, there are a lot of other programs providing a variety of services and facilities. Oh and by the way, I am on a promo tour of Knomadic which is like a dream come true. For those of you, who have already read my promo tour’s experience of Knomadic’s sister company Questerra, this is yet another life changing experience which I will be sharing soon. So stay tuned!

What I am going to do next is — I will be comparing Knomadic with the best in show (I have trawled through the web to find the best in show. If you think a comparison site should be added to the list, mail me your suggestions to and I’ll put it to the test)



From Knomadic FB Page

Do you miss meeting and exchanging with inspiring minds that share your sense of adventure, your free spirit, and your passion for living? Knomadic is the ideal platform for that. Knomadic offers remote workers an opportunity to travel together to three different locations over the course of 3 months. Knomadic handles logistics like itinerary, lodging and activities. If the participants don’t already have a job that allows them to work outside the office, Knomadic will help them find one. Being the first one to operate in this untouched market which is a potluck of history and culture, Knomadic has so much to offer in this diverse Indian Sub-continent.

Knomadic provides online learning, meditation retreats, mentor sessions, personality development weekend, knomad talks, local sim, dedicated on ground staff, laundry, networking events and airport shuttles. Far away from the stifling office cubicle, it is possible to find focus, feel inspired and work productively — just a few of the benefits of co-working in paradise. Hence, there are only two things they need to focus on: staying productive and having a lot of fun!

LOCATION: Goa, Pokhara, Colombo



Many of you have probably heard of the program Remote Year by now. Remote Year explains the program on their website with the following: “Remote Year brings together a community of 75 professionals [digital nomads who work remotely] from across the globe to spend a year, working, travelling, and exploring 12 cities around the world. Spending one month in each city, the community will connect with local cultures and business ecosystems, forming lifelong, border-less personal and professional relationships along the way.” Remote Year always provides a co-working space and good, reliable internet.

LOCATION: Europe and South America



The fundamental idea of Project Getaway is to gather only the highest quality and most inspiring lifestyle entrepreneurs. Project Getaway is an annual event that brings entrepreneurs together to network, develop their business ideas and be productive in a paradise-like, chore-free environment. It is, basically, a retreat, an incubator, a conference, a network gathering and a working holiday all in one. Every autumn, 20 carefully selected entrepreneurs move to Bali to live for a month in the most luxurious villas, with all the food, drinks, laundry and even massages completely taken care of.

LOCATION: Mauritius, East Africa, Bali



Unsettled , founded in 2016, curates 30-day co-working retreats around the world for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and people transitioning between careers. The company promises a productive work environment set in paradise, where participants can break from their routine, find new perspectives, and form authentic professional relationships. Everything to be connected, comfortable and collaborative is provided; a private room, shared work space, and connection to a vibrant community.

LOCATION: Bali, Buenos Aires, Medellin, Cape Town, Barcelona



Edumadic organizes and leads 12 week programs around the world for carefully curated groups of online learners who want to pursue their love of travel and adventure, without jeopardizing their education. Each program visits 3 different countries spending 4 weeks in each. All travel, accommodation, and suitable study spaces (with fast internet) are provided at the real local price, not the one you find online.

LOCATION: Koh Phangan, Chiang Mai, Hanoi, Bali, Ho Chi Minh, Koh Lanta, Lima, Montanita, Medellin, Colombia



As their website proclaims, Hacker Paradise is a, “traveling community of developers, designers, and other creative types.” Hacker Paradise creates an ideal environment to work alongside other digital nomads while traveling. It is not a holiday, so those who apply must have something to work on. While the venture is designed by developers and is geared towards the technical community, other creative types are more than welcome.

LOCATION: Bali, Portugal, Chiang Mai



Launching in September 2017, WiFly Nomads is gearing up for its first getaway in Bali, Indonesia. Targeting aspiring remote workers and those looking to make a career adjustment, WiFly Nomads programs offers “lifestyle skills” workshops to help budding digital nomads navigate location independence for the long-haul. Workshops cover everything from launching online businesses to finding remote jobs and building a personal brand. In addition, each digital nomad will be invited to take part in a skill-sharing workshop, attend networking events and mingle with experts across various industries.




Sick of the day-to-day corporate grind, yearning for travel but not ready to give up their careers and larger ambitions, co-founders Sean Harvey and Nathan Yates set out to find a compromise. What they discovered is the stuff of fantasies — companies like Remote Year and Wifi Tribe, which have emerged in the past few years to cater to a growing percentage of “digital nomads” in the workforce, curate month-to-month groups trips around the world for those whose jobs allow them to work remotely. Think freelance workers, entrepreneurs, photographers, writers, developers. US-based WeRoam promises to organize your travel, accommodation and work-space for 12 different locations.

LOCATION: Europe, South America, Asia



Try a different country per month to call home and travel around. Every month, Wifi Tribe chooses a different city to call home. They are a mix of young, wild and free, location-independent professionals and they invite to join with them anywhere along the way: entrepreneurs, photographers, developers, writers, designers, marketers, adventure addicts!

LOCATION: Colombia — JAN, Brazil — FEB, Argentina — MAR, Peru — APR, Bolivia — MAY, Ecuador — JUN, Costa Rica — JUL/AUG, Mexico — SEP, Panama — OCT/NOV, Jamaica — DEC



Full accommodation, all travel between destinations, monthly social and networking events, co-working spaces dependent on each city and reliable Internet throughout, Remote Experience will also provide travelers insurance, as well as local ambassadors in each destination to guide travelers. The four month journey takes thirty successful applicants across Croatia, Italy, Turkey, and the Czech Republic. This is a smaller group size which may benefit for a more intimate and community oriented experience. The program will offer $300 off your last payment if you refer a friend and he or she is accepted with you.

LOCATION: Europe, Asia, Latin America

COURSE OF DURATION: 4, 8 or 12 Months


As their website suggests, Over 3 months, 25 carefully selected young — professionals travel the world — while doing an online course that empower them to build remarkable careers. They take care of the travel between each city — planning, booking and costs. They also cover the cost of one premium online course — an Udacity Nanodegree.

LOCATION: Bali, Vietnam, Thailand


Knomadic brings 15 Unknown people to Travel, study or work Remotely in Indian Sub-Continent 3 Cities 3 Months 15 Individuals GOA|COLOMBO|POKHARA REQUEST INVITES

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