Steady Progress @ Knospot

Here at , we are progressing at a steady pace. There are 100 topics now to learn which range from Ada Programming Language to Zoology, and we are having a steady contribution.

We now have our own email with which we can send our messages to users who would like to sign up.

So the email problem is solved!

We have made improvements in ways in which people are navigating our website. We found some topics do not have learning resource and people had to find it in the hard way by going into the topics page, it wasted peoples time.

Now if a topic has no resource added to it, it simply presents you with a “Add a Learning Resource” button to the user, this has improved user navigability and helped save their time.

There is still lot of ideas we have and we will improve and blog about it. Please refer to find the best learning resource for any topic and if possible contribute by submitting topics and resources so that the world can learn better.

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