If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

You need to use better research methods. The truth is, if you’re voting for Hillary, you are in fact the one that doesn’t care about people, or the environment, or overall societal needs. She hasn’t quit 100% on fracking, because she spent her time as Secretary of State peddling fracking to countries all over the world and condemned other nations for banning/attempting to ban it. She has also engaged in regime change from Honduras to Libya, supports war in Syria, and renewed brinksmanship with Russia. In short, she supports further global instability, chaos, and the deaths of thousands more men, women, and children. Domestically, she does not care about income inequality, as she is tied to corporate donors and will undoubtedly give them anything they need or want. She also believes a middle class income is $250,000 a year, about $200K larger than what it actually is. Don’t believe for a second she represents you if you aren’t in that tax bracket. Inequality, by the way, has gone well beyond the levels of Victorian England or the French Belle Epoque, and is the greatest single threat to our civil society. So which is it, you’re ignorant of what you’re talking about or you just don’t care? Frankly, neither is acceptable, especially if you’re going to call yourself a journalist. You’re obviously not out to inform or investigate, so the label of “journalist” is already a loose one. Vote for Hillary if you like, just “don’t pretend like you care about anyone other than yourself and your image and your brand.”

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