Link Injection Manipulation at

I’ve found a link injection in google with href attribute who can compromise a user by a fake link or download evil file.

The issue:

We can inject any link at, adding a path to the url, the path in self is injected and rendered as link in the page, we can put any domain of our property and redirect the user or force the user to download an evil file.

The Impact:

An attacker can use this links for sending lots of emails, spreading in social networks, and cheat the user to click the link, infecting with malware a lot of users, redirect them or force to download evil files.

Technical Details:

The evil url endpoint ->

[] -> is a fake domain who i buy, this path is injected and rendered directly in the html web

[] is a text injection in google account info

The rendered page looks like this:

We can see the link rendered and the text injection too. The is an evil domain who i buy and force the user to download a file or redirect them to an external evil site without any advise of google.

The domain injected in the path and rendered can be any domain, i use because is more trusted for the users, and is more easily to cheat the user to click it.

The Google Reply:

I send the report and the google reply was this:

“ Hey,

Thanks for the bug report.

We’ve taken a look at your submission and can confirm this is not a security vulnerability.Reports that demonstrate exploitation with a Reflected File Download and other social-engineering vectors usually fall out of scope for Google VRP. “

Here is a PoC Video who i send with the report:

NOTE: The issue/bug is not FIXED at all.-

Best Regards my friends and Happy Hacking