Best places to learn ES6

The future Javascript, known as ES6 (or ECMAScript6, or Harmony), is coming with loads of amazing new features.

A few months ago I started my journey with React (Javascript library for creating UIs). Since the very beginning I really liked the open source work Dan Abramov does. In most of his repos he uses the new ES6 syntax. I thought: “Let’s learn it!”. Question was WHERE?

There are tons of pages where you can get a highlight of a few features of ES6, but not all of them. Thought I might just ask Dan:

In this blog post I’d like to share what were the most useful places for me to learn more about ES6:

  1. Understanding ECMAScript 6 (suggested by Dan)
  2. ES6 in Depth — by Mozilla
  3. #RSConf. Using ECMAScript 6 today — by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer (really enjoyed this talk, thank you @listochkin for suggesting it)
  4. 2ality — Javascript and more (Axel’s website)
  5. You Don’t Know JS (great book series on Javascript)
  6. ECMAScript 6 Lessons by Egghead
  7. An open sourced Javascript knowledge map (after reading about ES6 from the above sources it was great to do some quizzes, good stuff by Sergey Surganov)

Hope this list can help anyone keen in the future of Javascript dive into what is coming soon.

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