2017 Final Draft Thoughts

Takkarist McKinley Promised his Grandmother to make it(Photo by: AP)

What a week. hugs hugged, happy hours happied, and of course, lives changed. All the stories, and feels to drink to. Like everyone involved, one would only have a few moments to reflect on whats next; or stay in the now to digest the 2017 NFL draft. ESPN’s hypebeast round table of Mel Kiper, and Todd McShay did their thing, in wonder bread fashion. Four of five drinks in, your team will not only win one game, but make the playoffs. By the time Saturday brunch crew gets together, world of football knowledge is your oyster. Every draft pick is the next future of the franchise; “our running back went viral.”

For our good people new to sport, kindly allow us to address the Draft from the Why. Look at NFL teams as small private companies, working around the clock to keep their product(team) to scale. Example investors range from TV networks, Apparel, big pharma, alcohol, and other private interests.

Teams will always recruit free agents to bring in as industry talent; for quick ramp up, and impactful contributions that give teams a good start. However, new grad pipeline is the nervous system for every club. NFL Teams across the board, have a small list of target schools they rely on for such talent with skillfully curated outliers for ongoing media buzz.

Draft weekend, is an annual opportunity for teams to frenzy at a large convention toward collecting new grad talent. Nothing crazy.

Sample target schools for the NFL:

Jim and Bo back in the day(Photo by AP)
  1. University of Michigan

Any good honest businessman would want players tutelaged under Jim Harbaugh. Players ready for the pros on and off the field, mic and cameras to their face, who fit with many of your favorite teams to size.

Selectivity: Elite

2. University of Miami

Name brand university, which has a whole ESPN series on its past classes. This is for the history of the school and success of players drafted from here. With first year head coach Mark Richt leading through a tough season, most of its 9 players went in later rounds for 2017.

Selectivity: Elite

3. University of Alabama

Nine players from the Natty champs all go within the top four rounds. They will join your favorite team, and either become all pro, or bust.

Selectivity: Top Tier

Adoree and Juju (Getty Images)

4. USC

The Men of Troy impressed, with Juju Smith-Schuster and Adoree Jackson to be the playmakers of the league in years to come.

Selectivity: Elite

5. University of Tennessee

Six solid picks in the first four rounds rounded out with their leader, joining a Steelers offense that can prop him to become a next in line great.

Selectivity: Top Tier

Urban(photo by: AP)

6. Ohio State University

Urban Meyer sent 6 out of 7 players drafted within the first three rounds; all of which will each become franchise careermen.

Selectivity: Elite

How did your team do in the draft? We will be right back with thoughts on each conference, so when people try to intimidate conversation with meathead talk, don’t be shook….look them in the eyes, and ask how? Hardcore fans commonly fall short of welcoming academic or rational dialogue that could help someone learn the sport that’s “life.” Remember, football knowledge is your oyster.

Written by Rafael Rice for Knowcall. For quality football culture, visit our website, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter!