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Code: Xmas — learn the history of Santa

When reading Lauren Modery’s post title:

I knew i should read this. We feature a lot of “Life Hacks” videos in our app but still, i totally agree that the self-help guides have run their course.

So why do i love life hacks videos? even though i almost never actually repeat what i see in the video? here’s a few reasons:

  1. I love the phrase “Life Hacks”, it’s a well-crafted phrase, we hack our lives with these simple tricks, using tools in a way these tools never knew they were meant to be, like filling a bucket with a dustpan:

Hey there!

We hope that the passed year was a great one for all of you and we wish you an even better one as we begin 2016!

For us, 2015 has been an amazing year — our app, Know Fast, turned from a dream into reality!

Just a month ago we have officially launched Know Fast on Product Hunt and since then it was reviewed in many blogs and sites including AppAdvice and lifehacker!

This week we were greatly honoured to see Know Fast being featured on the App Store as one of the Best New Apps in 10(!)…

So, our message to the world is that we bring you a new video everyday that will teach you something new, Fast!

But what do we mean by “Fast”? when thinking and designing our product we knew that our main audience is people that don’t have the time of day to go and search by themselves what to learn every single day, we believe that our best value is that we push interesting video to our users without them needing to search for it.

Because we assume people have a busy day, we can’t offer them to see that fascinating…

Well, 2016 is finally here.

The new year always makes us think about what we achieved in the previous one. for us @ Know Fast it was a very meaningful one.

Exactly 1 year ago, we opened our account in Parse and started our 1st line of code of the Know Fast application.

This screenshot was taken today, Jan 2nd, 2016

BTW, it wasn’t called “Know Fast” at the time, the 1st name was “Impoovment”, but that’s for another post (^_^)

Hey guys, today i want to share with you one of the hardest product decisions we had, and that was to make the video notification at 3 PM every day, supplying you with a brand new video to learn something new from.

It wasn’t always like this, we actually started at 9 AM, since we thought you’d like to learn something new as you wake up.

But then we thought, “well why would i want to do that? that’s when i’m getting to work and start my day”.

So we moved it to 9 PM, we figured you might like…

We like to share with you some analytics that we gather as we go along, so here’s some data regarding your favourite video categories, since our launch on December 8th.

As you know, we let our users choose the video category before the video is shown, out of 10 category we give the user 2, plus the option to watch a random one (By the way, it used to be the only option, we used to offer only a random video but we changed it due to some user feedback)

What do you think is the most chosen category? …

It’s well known now, we have an iOS version, but not an Android version. Why? why losing all these wonderful users?

Well, that’s a damn good question, but it has a very simple answer. we wanted to build an MVP, meaning we want to have a good product, which has the minimum features necessary to see if it fits the market (do people want to use it?)

If we would have built the product for 2 platform from day 1, we would have to modify 2 products when deciding to integrate category choices (which we didn’t have at the…

Hi there,

It’s that special time of the year again, where people from all over the world are getting ready to celebrate, gather around with their families and of course set some new year resolutions!

One of our goals for the upcoming year is to “learn something new every day”. This is going to be an easy, fulfilling and fun task and we are planning to accomplish it using the brand new Know Fast iOS app which we have just recently launched to the App Store!

As part of the Christmas tradition of granting gifts to your loved ones, we…

We promised a 10th category and we’re delivering, our new Puzzles category, which we’re sure you’ll love, will contain riddles, brain teaser, quizzes and trivia question that will make you think.

Puzzles category

We won’t leave you hanging, every video will contain the solutions as well so watch the riddle, pause, think, and return to the video after solving.

Think about it as a brain gym :)

would love to hear what you think, and your suggestion regarding what sorts of videos would you like to see in this new category.



Know Fast

Learn something new, Fast! http://knowfast.co

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