Know Fast is public ! A successful launch summary

We are happy to announce that Know Fast is out and available for iOS users everywhere!
On Tuesday, 8th of December, 2015, we have had the honor of being featured on Product Hunt’s tech section, celebrating our official launch date!

When we first thought of how will we reach out to the general public we knew we wanted a big platform to present us to the world. The options included large tech magazines, app distribution services and social ranking platforms.
Product Hunt was the very best option for us.

The PH ranking day begins each day at 00:00 PST, which conveniently translates to 10:00 AM in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Meaning our morning started with high peaks in our analytics platform, sending us to the Product Hunt website to discover our pink brain icon animated on the front page. What a joyful sight!

The Know Fast brain is eager to learn!

Immediately we started spreading the word to all of our friends, posting on our social media accounts and reaching out to everyone we know that loves Know Fast, uses Product Hunt and could give us a boost up in the charts.

As with any social ranking system, the higher you are ranked the more attention and traffic your product receives. It was very important for us to keep our app in the top 5 products of the day, so that we’ll appear on Product Hunt’s front page as well as the daily email being sent to the PH mailing list the following day.
We stayed in the top 5 list for the major part of that day, loosing our position only towards the end, finally finishing the day in the 6th place.

By the end of the day we had around 1500 unique views to our website and almost 500 new users in our app!

We were very happy with these results, hoping to leverage this good start into a steady stream of new and returning users.

The following days continued to be promising!

Turns out some reporters picked up the story, took some info from our Medium blog and wrote some very supportive articles about Know Fast.

It started with this review on AppAdvice that was published the very same day of the launch, adding to the PH traffic that was still coming and made the graphs the following day climb even higher

Know Fast graphs a day after the launch.

We were happy with these results and to our big surprise more media items were being published everyday. Articles in the French newspaper L’ADN and Dutch magazine iCulture brought almost 1000 new users each, the Israeli website Geektime wrote a very nice article that brought a lot of traffic as well and the highlight of it all was a small item in the French TV morning show Telematin.

Eight days after the launch and our numbers are still rising

Not the “Shark fin” graph we dreaded from.

User retention is satisfying

And users positive feedback and improvement suggestions keep flowing in on all channels from all over the world

Our next steps

At this point we are gathering all users’ suggestions, making improvements and fixing bugs (version 1.0.6 is out!). We are understanding and learning all the issues concerning our users and deciding on new features that will create a better user experience and improve users’ satisfaction.

Launching Know Fast was truly an amazing experience, we learned a lot from it and we keep on learning everyday. That’s exactly the spirit of Know Fast!

Please post your comments, questions and suggestions. Let us Know, and we will happily answer, Fast :)