Promo codes for special videos

Hi Guys, in this post we will update occasionally with new promo codes for special videos for you. Explanation about how to use those promo codes is below

Promo Codes

Code: Xmas — learn the history of Santa
Code: Ra1n — Is it better to walk or run in the rain?
Code: starman — Learn about David Bowie’s (R.I.P) wonderful life
Code: feb29 — What is a leap year?

How to use the promo code

All you have to do is open the app, click the hourglass button (at the top-right corner of the countdown timer) , enter the promo code and click the Submit button!

Fasten your seat belts and watch the magic happens as the countdown timer hits its legal speed limit :)
Hold on for a moment and you will be presented with the video

Have Fun!

Boaz, Yanai & Nir
The Know Fast Team