So how will we get people to hear about Know Fast?

We have been working on Know Fast for quiet some time now, we now finely feel that it's ready to be presented to the world, and be used by a large amount of people.

But wait… where do we find these people?

There are so many apps out there, what would make people notice us? how can we stand out in the crowd?

Two things pop to mind when we try to think of what would make us shine and appeal to people:
1. Focus our audience.
2. Innovative ways of engaging that audience.

The first thing is pretty simple, we created an app that brings people short videos that teach them new stuff, we need to find people that wanna learn new stuff.

What comes to mind when finding people to use a new app are the people who are tagged as “early adopters”, People that are not afraid of trying new things and are happy to be first to know about the “next best thing”.

Where do we find early adopters who like to learn new stuff? A couple of places we’ll look at are:

Product Hunt —A platform for people to rank and comment on new products that just came out.

Reddit — The forum system that basically drives the internet. Almost every new thing in the last couple of years went through redditers reviewing eye.

Social Media Platforms — You can’t find users without searching the major Social Networks of Facebook, Twitter Etc.. posting on groups and tweeting to the right people

Articles and reviews — Reach out to reports and journalists in order to find the right people who would write an article/review of our app.

Well, now that we know the where, we need to think of the how.
That part is a bit trickier, every platform/medium has rules of its own, and we need to find innovative ways of reaching out to people within these customs and rules.

More on specific ways and methods we will use on our next posts.