Secret revealed for a successful marriage.

Been a young lad up brought up in christian malayali family , marriage is something a big picture for us. I have seen grandpa and grandma been together for a very long time , say about they were successful happily married ever after for 40+ years , that indeed which made me think over this.

What does it takes to be in a marriage or how to be successful in marriage?

When i ponder the same question to my parents they said , dude ! right now you have to focus on your career rather thinking about your marriage , you are too young for this and moreover i insisted over the same.

They said — “Life is complicated son , you wouldn't have a perfect answer for this question!

Why dont you ask grandpa and grandma regarding this”

been a pet to my grandparents , it wasnt a big trouble for me to ask them! The answer they have gave me just opened my eyes up!
Marriage is a journey of two peoples — fighting , loving , caring , forgiving till the journey ends. There might be number of stops coming around kiddo , but the choice is with you , to stay put in the journey or get out of the journey.
And my grandparents smiled each other and said to each other. Honey it was one hell of journey with you and thank you for riding along with me in the journey.

Do the couples need to be in love or not?

They looked at each other and laughed for a while . Love cannot be defined son , it happens between destined souls in the most beautiful way i can describe to you .You have to find the “One” instead of anyone for you to share your bed and soul.

Thus theorem of successful marriage derived up here

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