Story of my life — Read it on folks and pass me a comment!

Yup, that’s right! An author, you guys read it right this time. I started to blog just because I thought I loved blogging a lot. Yeah, blogging is an awesome thing to do. Not even a secound thought over the same, but the question is am I really happy and enjoying the work I do as a blogger?

To be frank, nope! I dont even enjoy the work I do, I feel like am forcing to do things, instead of things to falling in place.That,should not be the reason am lazy to do things and chase things. No matter how far you impress your crush, few things are not made for you sweetheart. Instead of chasing your crush, chase someone who has a crush on you! It works for me. Lol !! jokes apart… back to the subject.

I love writing contents without any technical knowledge of SEO and SEM optimization. I wanna to write it without affecting my feel. Am least bothered about ranking contents up in search engines or get notified up in social media.

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