6 Types of Web Hosting Server that Rocks the Internet

The Internet becomes a day to day necessity in these days as the world is heading towards the Digital Concept. The websites are the amazing part of the internet that provide great resources to the people around the world. The websites are live due to the hosting factor. The hosting is the one which allows the website owners acquire a space for running their website without any interruption online. Here, the 6 types of Web Hosting servers that control the world will be expressed below.

Some of the Web Hosting types that rocks the whole internet are as follows.

1. Shared Hosting — The shared hosting is the cheap and basic type of website hosting server that is shared by many people around the world. It is useful for the small website and static type website. It affects the performance of the website. If a website consumes huge data bandwidth on the same shared server, then the other website performance will be degraded. It is cheap and reliable for small websites.

2. Reseller Web Hosting — It is the shared hosting type with enormous hosting space. One could easily resell his/her hosting space to other people and make money through this. The white-label reselling rights are granted to the people for selling their hosting space perfectly. If one is good at marketing hosting products, then this would be the suitable hosting type.

3. Cloud Hosting — This type of hosting works via Cloud Computing Technology. It is the hosting type that has the larger grid to handle the website request. Several web site individual servers are clubbed into a mega one server unit. It handles the website speed and requests flawlessly without any issue. It has the large virtual disk with huge capacity and one may need to pay only for the hosting space utilized in this hosting type.

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4. VPS — Virtual Private Server is a single physical server with multiple actions. It has separate servers and also shares the hardware resources. The price of VPS hosting type is high but it handles the large website’s request without any hassle.

5. Dedicated Web Server — It is one of the major types of web hosting that skyrockets the internet. It has the single physical server and allows the customer control the whole process including the root directory. No worry about other website’s interference in this type of web hosting. It also requires a technician for handling the hosting actions and it is priced high while compared with the above types.

6. Managed WordPress Hosting — Due to the wide popularity of WordPress, many companies offer exclusively managed WordPress hosting. Here, the customer doesn’t need to worry about the WordPress Update, Daily backup and Speed. All the WordPress activities are handled by the hosting team. Thus, the security of your website also enhances with this Managed WordPress Hosting type.


Thus, you’ve understood the major things about the 6 best hosting types that rock the whole internet world via this article. The HDD hosting type is the traditional hosting type whereas the SSD — Solid State Drive hosting unit is the advanced hosting unit in these days. As the world is being digitalized, the development in the hosting server also drastically improves a lot.

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