IoT as a Data Singularity — NYT

In a short interview with Adam Bosworth, Quentin Hardy at the New York Times offers the view of IoT. The story offers Gartner’s current estimates of the size of the retail cloud business at:

  • $314B in data center revenues
  • $2.6T in sensor investments

Hardy adopts the term “data singularity” to refer to the phenomenon.

The story reports that Azure is handling a trillion sensor messages weekly.

VC professional Scott Raney tells Hardy he’s buying into Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Salesforce because:

You’ve got Amazon knowing everything about purchasing, Google knowing everything about what people do on the Internet, and Salesforce knowing everything about the revenue side of the business.

OK, so he left out Facebook “knowing everything about who we interact with” — a casual oversight — but the security, privacy and business points are still applicable.

Standards could represent one means not only through which smaller firms can share in this bounty, but through which citizens can “sense” the extent to which their data has been swept into the singularity.

-Mark Underwood @knowlengr for

Originally published at Big Data Standards Feed.