OMG Briefing on Data Residency Governance and Privacy


SNIP from the OMG downloadable briefing deck. The project team floated a public RFI on the subject of data residency in April 2016.

“Residency laws are a kind of trade barrier that seek to impose location-specific conditions on global production, procurement, investment, and data flows.

 Designed to protect, favor, or stimulate domestic manufacturing industries, service providers, and/or intellectual property (IP) providers at the expense of foreign competitors, particularly those operating in innovative industries. IT services are a popular target.

 In some cases, data residency laws may also be driven by a governmental desire to increase access to its own citizen’s records/information and / or exclude other countries from accessing such information.”

Comment by @Knowlengr: Compliance for data residency is a challenge not only for cloud computing, but for big data generally.

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Originally published at Big Data Standards Feed.