Size Matters: Match Advice to Company Size

Avinash Kaushik: Best Metrics

There’s a Great Divide in public discourse, and I’m not speaking of Red vs. Blue. It’s the divide between big business and small. The differences are so enormous that to list them all would convert this blog to a book-length treatise. While that might be worthwhile — even necessary — it would be a sobering exercise with many observations unfavorable to the future of small business.

Instead the focus of this message is what information architects call scalability. Computer performance is rarely linear and performance management a robust sub-discipline. I run this site on WordPress, but would think twice about recommending it for or There are exceptions, but advice aimed for an audience of giant, slow-moving, highly regulated businesses could hardly be more irrelevant for a one person enterprise.

Avinash Kaushik gets it. In the chart shamelessly copied from his “Occam’s Razor” notice that the advice varies by enterprise size.

►Assess whether your advice applies equally to small, medium and large firms. If you’re not certain, say so. Remember what Don Rumsfeld said about “known unknowns.”

Whether you’re giving advice to entrepreneurs, businesses or job seekers, please complement your message with caveats.


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