To the Choir (Preaching, that is)

Mar 29, 2016 · 1 min read

In a rumination by Michael S. Malone, the writer / professor argues that prospective technology writers show little initial interest in tech topics. Students are more interested in his “old public television series and interviews with Alan Ginsberg.” Point taken, but the real problem is with enterprises, most of which have yet to tune in to his message. Those “code-writers,” as he calls them, are better-paid and far more numerous.

Blogging on, Malone wrote:

“Indeed, I’m increasingly convinced that a great storyteller is even more important to an institution than a great code-writer, an accomplished research scientist, and maybe even a talented CEO. That’s true in the early days of a modern enterprise, when a company is trying to convince employees, investors, and partners to believe in a product or service that doesn’t yet exist. It’s also true in later years, when a mature company needs a compelling story to maintain the loyalty of customers and employees, and to differentiate itself from competitors.”

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