Untangling the Web
JP Gomes

Was brought to you via your Coral Project post. There are good ideas in this essay. Some quick thoughts:

  1. I am dubious about relying heavily on mobile. Most mobile setups favor TLDR because it’s too hard to write and annotate without a full keyboard. Screens work fine, mobile keyboards don’t. A swipe is fine for a “like” or a vote, but I for one would never author a message like the one I’m typing now on my 6P, Samsung tablet or Kindle Fire.
  2. Machine learning without robust natural language processing systems and ontologies have limited usefulness.
  3. The piece speaks of hypothesis-oriented discovery: +1 for that.
  4. I’m wary of sentiment analysis. It took years to ax the Facebook “like” in favor of more nuance. Think “likes” to eulogies and reports of deaths in the family.
  5. Walls erected between academic publishing and “news” (in Bibtex, a “news story” is quietly deprecated vs. “journal article”) are tall.
  6. A lesson from Twitter is that there is value in short summaries, and speedy link-outs. This is very different from providing context in depth. The two must play together somehow, but I haven’t seen this working anywhere yet.
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