Fever Theory

Ghost Hole

This is an illustration of one kind of ghost hole (where the ghosts get in). There are other kinds of ghost holes, known and unknown. Sometimes the ghosts get in (or out) in ways we cannot map or even sense, much less represent. This ghost has been stained red (like bacteria, like cell parts) to make it easier to visualize. Ghosts have no color or shape except in memory and representation/drawing is a kind of memory. Ghosts can also be holes.

I didn’t believe in ghosts until I discovered pain is just a kind of ghost, and chronic pain, a haunting. Like ghosts, pain can’t be measured or proven or even explained. No one believes in pain or ghosts but the person who has been visited. So try not to ever see a ghost and don’t ever let one in. Cover your ghost holes with scarves, dollars, words, skin. If you do see one or think one has gotten in (are you in pain?), try not to talk about it to anyone. No one else can see your ghost and they are afraid that your ghost will find their ghost holes (even though they don’t believe in ghosts) and make its way into their body. No one wants your ghost. They can barely admit to their own.

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