Why you should care about your social impact?
Jason Grad

Hi Jason, a key principle of #ChangemakerCurrencies is “Give attention to your values and get more change for good from your money” so great to see your app. A great fit. I’m having a conversation about #changemaker currencies on Sunday 20 March, time tbc but around 6.45pm AEST (online from Sydney Australia). I’m on the Inspiring Speakers stage at http://lovebusk.com/ a 100% for purpose low-fi music and ideas festival. If you can join us, that would be great. Have a look at my blog to get some background http://futurenowknowhow.com/changemaker-currencies/ And, if you can’t make it, maybe we could skype some time. Would love to hear your thoughts about valuing our Attention, Values, Energy and Time as changemaker currencies.

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