Team Human: Our Last Best Hope for Peeps
douglas rushkoff

Let’s become REvolitionaries

Let’s use our attention, values, energy, time and money as changemaker currencies to create a future with a future: a future fit for all

Your philosophy and analyses resonate so much with what I’m trying to achieve with Changemaker Currencies and my concept of REvolition and REvolitionaries. So I’m with you on Team Human! In the link below you’ll see that I’ve put AI and loneliness as two of the five meta-factors influencing the focus of changemaker currencies.

My concern is not that AI will be ‘smarter’ than many humans, it’s that when we outsource the nuances of decision-making, and the values underpinning, decision-making, and ignore the nature of reciprocity, we will end up giving OUR power over to algorithmic oligarchs. To the Silicon Valley (anywhere) leaders who you so perfectly describe in your writings as having very little empathy with humanity, especially those humans who don’t fit their mould. Who don’t/wont/can’t factor into their lines of code the innately human concepts of reciprocity and altruism.

We will lose our capacity to empathise as we immerse our attention and energy more and more into the digital, and delude ourselves that we aren’t hardwired to collaborate and cooperate in person. Socially and culturally, humans are more WE than ME, as the growing dis-ease from our rising rates of loneliness attests to.

As I write up resources for Changemaker Currencies, I look forward to being able to share them with you and others in Team Human. And I welcome comments on what I’m trying to be a catalyst for, supporting individuals to strengthen their capacity to be changemakers for good, and opportunities for collaboration.

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