Exposing the Haters

The Catch 22

The far reaching and anonymous nature of the Internet has brought with it echo chambers, chat rooms, and online forums, where the intolerance of religious (and other) bigots can spew their hatred of others. All the while, new media has blurred the lines between professional journalism with credible sources, and agenda driven rumor-mongering by amateur bloggers. As any organization or person who has come under attack knows, one is often confronted with the choice between two equally undesirable options. They can either fight back and defend themselves against false claims (at the risk of elevating the stature of the accusers), or stay silent and try to rise above the attacks (while their good reputation is gradually eroded).

Over the past few years, Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda; Science of Identity Foundation (which Jagad Guru founded over 40 years ago to share the ancient wisdom of yoga); and dozens of Jagad Guru’s students have found themselves on the receiving end of relentless religious discrimination and persecution.

Certainly in these post 9/11 times it’s not uncommon for rumors to swirl about people or organizations that are perceived as “different”. But when those motivated by religious bigotry conspire to spread blatant falsehoods, and such unscrupulous sources begin to seep into mainstream media outlets with an undeserved air of credibility, it’s time to come to the defense of the wrongfully accused. Many of the accusations against Jagad Guru and Science of Identity Foundation spread online are so ridiculous that they don’t even deserve to be addressed. Rather, the motivation behind these attacks becomes apparent when we take a closer look at the people behind them.

Anti-Hindu “sources”

The following is a list of some of the more biased and bigoted “sources” that various media outlets have used to attempt to discredit Vaishnava Hindus, Science of Identity Foundation, and Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda. You can draw your own conclusions as to whether or not these people should be taken seriously or rebuked.

Cara James: The spurned lover

So when did all the insane things about Science of Identity Foundation and Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda first begin appearing on the Internet? It basically all started with Cara James, a young lady who had a fleeting relationship with a young man (let’s call him Brian) who practiced the meditation techniques taught by Jagad Guru.

After Brian decided that he did not want to have a relationship with Cara James, she became obsessed with trying to get him back. Under the erroneous impression that a guru’s responsibility was to micromanage people’s personal lives and tell them what to do, who to marry, who to divorce, etc., she decided to contact Jagad Guru to try to pressure him to order Brian to return to Cara James and marry her.

“Jagad Guru could order him to marry me tomorrow and all of this would be over.” (Email from Cara James, May 15, 2007)

When her demands were not met, Cara James carried out her threat to smear the reputation of Jagad Guru, his students, and Science of Identity Foundation. Thus her online hate campaign full of complete fabrications, half-truths, misrepresentations, and even death threats was carried out for a number of years.

“Since all you can do is run around after what I do my new mission is to kill your kids. As you know I have nothing to lose.” (Email from Cara James, February 13, 2009)

“I just want you to know the next time someone interferes with my life, whether it is you or not I know where you live and I am going to kill you and your entire family. I might just do it for fun anyway.” (Email from Cara James, February 28, 2009)

For leverage, she created a website where she posted intentionally false and libelous material that she later confessed were all lies.

“How far do you think that I would have to go to get Jagad Guru’s attention? Would 10 websites do it?” (Email from Cara James, August 7, 2007)

“There is only one reason why the site exists and why it continues to exist [snip] and why it will continue regardless. You want it to stop then make it stop. Return my relationship to me.” (Email from Cara James to Science of Identity Foundation, July 2007)

Finally, sensing she might not get her one true love back, Cara James says she’ll settle for $10,000 cash.

[T]he asking price is $10 000 US. I am sure that you can afford it. Serious offer, just say the word and it’s done.” (Email from Cara James to Science of Identity Foundation, August 7, 2007)

Cara James was investigated by the Australian police for extortion and terroristic threatening. She was also charged with assault and theft for attacking a process server and ransacking his vehicle. She was slapped with a restraining order (in Australia, it’s called an Apprehended Violence Order AVO). The lies she posted on her website were so egregious that a Victoria court found her guilty of defamation and ordered her to pay $70,000 in damages. But the damage had already been done. With the handful of followers that Cara James had attracted, the false propaganda she created took on a life of its own, and continues to spread to this day via so-called anti-cult websites and bloggers.

Here is the official proof and court sentence

Domaille, Terri-Anne (aka James, Cara) [2009] VCC 554 (6 May 2009)

Flashlight_On_Roaches: The multi millionaire Pedophile

Using the groundwork of false claims and accusations laid down by Cara James, there now exists a small group engaging in a relentless campaign of vilification against Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda, Science of Identity Foundation, Lord Krishna, and devotees of Krishna.

Around 5 years ago, an anonymous figure hiding behind the online moniker “Flashlight_on_Roaches” appeared on the scene and quickly emerged as the de facto leader of a relentless campaign of harassment towards Vaishnava Hindus and Science of Identity Foundation. He was clearly wealthy, had Internet savvy, connections, and finely-honed manipulative abilities.

“Flashlight_on_Roaches” has successfully pestered media outlets with wild conspiracy theories about Jagad Guru and Science of Identity Foundation and has managed to get articles posted in newspapers around the world, spreading reams of defamatory misinformation to legitimate media. He also spams supporters and business partners with outlandish claims about the Foundation; hires accountants and investigators to pour over the Foundation’s tax returns and records; and lodges endless nuisance complaints with government authorities. He even monitors the comings and goings of people he believes are students of Jagad Guru (otherwise known as stalking) and keeps a log of their movements.

So who is “Flashlight_on_Roaches”? His real name is Nicholas Bredimus. He lives in Lanikai, Oahu and is a convicted pedophile whose offenses include child molestation, child pornography, and child sex trafficking. In 2001, he was arrested in his hotel room in Bangkok, Thailand, where police caught him in the act of videotaping himself having sex with a number of underage boys, some of whose parents had reported them missing. In his hotel room, Thai police found video recording equipment, as well as photographs of Bredimus digitally and anally raping these young boys. Further investigation turned up evidence that Bredimus was part of a worldwide child pornography ring.

But Bredimus posted bond and then managed to escape from Thailand using a fraudulent passport. Fortunately, he was arrested upon his return to the US and charged in federal court with a little-known law that makes it a felony for an American to travel abroad for the purposes of sexually abusing minor children. Eventually, he was tried and convicted in U.S. federal court and sentenced to 5½ years in prison. The whole sordid affair was reported in a Dallas Observer article entitled “American Sex Tourist.” Interested readers can also find the official court record of United States v. Bredimus online.

Based on his past history, Bredimus’ obsession with the young children of Science of Identity Foundation students, whom he seeks out and tries to befriend online, is quite troubling. Once he cultivates a trusting relationship, he very purposefully poisons their minds with anti-Hindu hate speech, then tries to encourage them to turn against their parents and Science of Identity Foundation. In this way, he tries to bring vulnerable people under his influence.

Henry Jolicoeur: The former swami

Henry Jolicoeur is a French Canadian and former student of Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami, founder of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). Jolicoeur left the Krishna consciousness movement to become a hypnotherapist and “cult deprogrammer.” Most inside observers believe Jolicouer became envious of Bhaktivedanta Swami and Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda and has directed his envy into stalking and harassing students of Jagad Guru. Using the online pseudonyms Dabcult and Godhimself, he joins the other anti-Hindu bigots in persecuting and cyber bullying Vaishnava Hindus. Jolicoeur also maintains a little-watched YouTube channel where he’s posted dozens of anti-Hindu rants. On these videos, Jolicoeur vilifies Hindus for worshipping a “blue god” and interviews guests who say that anyone who worships Krishna should not hold elective office. Because of some false and defamatory statements Henri Jolicoeur made against a student of Jagad Guru, he was sued and found guilty of defamation, and forced to make financial restitution. Proof below.

Rama Ranson: The angry young man

One of Bredimus’ most loyal followers is a young man named Rama Ranson. Rama was raised in a Vaishnava Hindu family, and at a relatively young age, made it clear to his parents that he didn’t want to be a follower of their faith. They did not pressure him in any way to follow their path, and he left home at a young age.

But instead of going his own way, he made it his mission in life to attack his parents for their spiritual choice and make life as miserable as possible for his family and other Vaishnava Hindu practitioners.

Here are some examples of the hateful messages that Rama has posted against his family:

Caution: Content warning

  • Fuckin’ sellouts. You make me sick.
  • NOW you are beyond a doubt TRULY PATHETIC, you can’t even talk to me YOU SICK FUCKS!
  • Yes, I am talking straight at you, ROBIN RANSON and ALAN RANSON, you are SICK JOKES.
  • You will truly suffer from your hideous actions. Run and tell that, SOI spooks, you are slimy worms. get a real life.
  • ROBYN LYNN RANSON and SUDAMA PETER RANSON a.k.a. LAKSMANA DAS RANSON are the biggest scumbags to ever walk the face of the earth.
  • If what I say makes you cry, good, I am glad it is finally in your face.

Rama’s threats and harassment against his mother became so vicious that she was forced to take out a court protective order against him. The New Zealand courts agreed that Rama should stay away from her. After publicly posting a particularly vile and untruthful accusation, Rama was sued for defamation and forced to make restitution.

Here is the proof of the court sentence for both Rama Ranson and Henri Jolicoeur

1st Page

Final Judgement

Link to the Court Sentence:

http://jimspss1.courts.state.hi.us:8080/eCourt/ECC/CaseSearch.iface (Search for Rama Ranson or Henri Jolicoeur)

Rick Ross: The cult de-programmer

Rick Ross, the moderator of the most vile anti-Hindu and anti-religious website, is a former cult de-programmer and criminal who has been in and out of jail since his 20’s, with multiple arrests for burglary, grand theft, and kidnapping. The latter charge was the result of a 1996 kidnapping and imprisoning of a young man who was a member of what Ross considered a cult. After two days in which he tried to forcibly “deprogram” him, the young man managed to escape.

Although the original criminal case was dropped, Ross was later sued in civil court and ordered to pay his victim a multi million-dollar settlement. It’s not surprising that such a person, who has repeatedly demonstrated that he does not believe in an individual’s right to choose their own course in life, thinks it’s okay to impose his own will onto others using physical or psychological abuse.

Larry Burrows: The disgruntled former student

Larry Burrows was brought up in the Jewish faith, but developed an interest in bhakti yoga, and became a student of Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda for a short time. He became frustrated and angry when Jagad Guru declined to initiate him as a disciple. Those who knew Burrows say that his ultimate goal was to become a “guru” himself. Since then, Burrows, using the pseudonym Vera City, has spent more than a decade of his life posting angry messages about Science of Identity Foundation and Jagad Guru. Burrows has a criminal record of fraud and felony drug possession in Florida.

Christine Gralow: The biased blogger

Christine Gralow is an aspiring blogger who found herself drawn to Bredimus’ anti-Hindu website and has used the misleading information she discovered there to try to build her own notoriety. The wild conspiracy theories she posts on her blog reveal her deep anti-Hindu religious bigotry. According to Gralow, a business owned by a Vaishnava Hindu must be a front for a money laundering operation. If a Vaishnava Hindu runs for political office, Gralow concocts a scenario out of The Manchurian Candidate.

Gralow has repeatedly demonstrated belligerent and disruptive behavior towards Jagad Guru’s students. According to police reports, she is a frequent 911 caller and police dispatchers have taken note of her drunken, incoherent rants against former landlords and others who have crossed her path. Gralow has been arrested multiple times for DUI, criminal trespass, and criminal harassment against one of Jagad Guru’s students, and has been reported as angry and confrontational with responding officers.

There are several other core members of this anti-Hindi/Krishna group, but they all have one thing in common: they are vindictive, and they revel in the creation and spreading of misinformation and falsehoods as far and wide as they can against Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda, Science of Identity Foundation, Lord Krishna, and Vaishnava Hindus.

Common anti-Hindu tactics to watch out for

One of the most common tactics of anti-Hindu bigots, both online and in the media, is using the word “cult” to smear Vaishnava Hindus. This despite the fact that Hinduism is the world’s third largest religion — indeed, it is the world’s oldest religion, predating Christianity by thousands of years.

Another tactic is to “otherize” Vaishnava Hindus, by mocking or disparaging some of their religious practices or rituals, purposely casting them in a bad light. The goal is to trigger the natural human tendency to fear the unknown.

In the spirit of respect and tolerance of people of all religious faiths, we should not give credence to those who hide behind the anonymity of the Internet or who clearly have malicious intent or have been found liable for fraud and defamation. We should also hold journalists to this same standard, as a journalist is only as credible as their sources. It is the height of irresponsibility for media outlets to become mouthpieces for such vile falsehoods and misrepresentations, clearly meant to foment anti-Hindu religious bigotry against Vaishnava Hindus, Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda, Science of Identity Foundation, or other Hindu teachers or organizations.

If someone wants to find out more about Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda or Science of Identity Foundation, or any person or organization for that matter, they should go directly to the source (https://www.sif.yoga) and make their own determinations.



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