I recently set up a new blog using the Ghost blogging platform on a self-hosted AWS EC2 instance. With many thanks to my years of experience as a DevOps Engineer, I was able to set up a snapshot policy to fully back up the drive of the instance each night. However, this isn’t a free option, and I’d like a more modular way to back up just the blog itself and its corresponding configurations. This way I could easily export my blog to another hosting platform if I were to choose to do so.

I began to search around for…


As an aspiring freelance writer, and newly published author (Achieving DevOps), I had a real need to set up a writing portfolio to showcase my work. I knew I needed a place to host my website, and a means by which to create it. There were a few criteria that my tech stack had to meet to satisfy my [picky] needs.

  1. All tools and services must be free
  2. To have the ability to write content in Markdown
  3. Lightweight, fast, and server-less
  4. Easy to use

After a bit of “light googling”, I stumbled upon GitHub Pages for my hosting solution. I’m…

Knox Lively

Writer | Speaker | Recovering Software Engineer. For my books and more, visit

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