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It’s a good think this is only in op-ed-block party blog, instead of what Suckerberg passes for “journalism.” That’s how I ended up seeing your sorry excuse for liberal bullshit spin — from a FB link.

The main point of the entire Skittles tweet and its mad follow up arguments was to make people think of the (very real) threat of refugee infiltration by radical islamics into the current refugee population. Not only that, but to beckon thought on the actual nightmare facing the EU right now, BECAUSE of refugees.

If you’re going to be so thin skinned, and try your best at being PC for the masses of libs who are so easily “offended,” (insert eye roll here), and those who FIND reasons to be offended, then at LEAST try to reflect on the very real crisis on another continent and one we’ll be experiencing soon. At least open those beady eyes long enough to look further than your own sorry liberal excuse for a thought.

You and so many others know exactly what the Skittles thing was in reference to, but you just had to vomit up a liberal chunky blast onto the face of it, using the US as the medium, instead of other nations where the problem is spreading like cancer.

Liberals like yourself display the depth of your fear of losing every time you spread your sorry excuse for opinions like this onto a page. It’s palpable. It exists.

Be scared — you’re within your right to be so. Killary has tanked & continues to do so. Since deflection is a lib’s first line of defense, your thoughts are, if nothing else, predictable.

Otherwise, try to expand on the two living cells between your ears and put Don Jr’s meme into perspective correctly. And don’t worry about offending people so much.

That, among other things included in PC culture, is a huge part of what’s wrong here now. Libtardation exists. Your op-Ed-blog-speal is proof of it. *side eye*

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