Aug 21, 2018 · 3 min read

5 Reasons Why The “Vive Pro” Is an Improvement in Nearly Every Way Imaginable.

  1. No more Sub-pixels

Vive Pro headset’s improved display offers 78% more pixels with 2,880 × 1,600 resolution i.e. 1,440 × 1,600 per display. This has made a big difference in clarity the world of VR. With the original Vive’s 2,160 × 1,200 resolution, it is quite easy to notice little red, green, and blue dots that mixes together to make white, and every other color (sub-pixels). But Looking through the lenses of the new Vive Pro, the sub-pixels are no more noticed, and it is even challenging to make out whole pixels.

2. Easier Navigation and Adjustment

Vive Pro is also easier to use. As a substitute to the former semi-hidden knobs on either side of the original Vive headset for the adjustment of display-to-eye distance, there is now a single button on the bottom of the display housing of the new Vive Pro which allows easy sliding of the housing. It also makes it easier to dial in maximum field of view, or give space for longer eyelashes or video glasses. The facial interface is flush to the face, which means there no cause for light leak if things are adjusted properly. Furthermore, the headset picks up a few new helpful buttons. On the back of the left side headphone is a volume up/down buttons for easily access to the volume control without accessing the SteamVR menu. On the backside of the right ear is a mute button which disables the dual microphones which makes it far easier to have conversation with someone outside the headset, without fretting virtual peers in social experiences.

3. Second Camera

Vive pro’s camera is able to pair with a partner. With two spy cameras on the front of the Vive Pro device, users are able to get a wider field of view for pass-through, and the view can as well be in 3D makes a remarkable difference in user traction and with stereo it is easier to interact with the real-world.

4. SteamVR Tracking 2.0

Vive Pro supports SteamVR Tracking 2.0. When the Vive Pro launches it has the latest sensors which support the 2.0 base stations. This new sensor works with the 2.0 base stations in order to improve range. Vive Pro has a greater tracking flexibility for users who loves pushing limits, or for enterprises who use-cases where there is a viable large tracking space.

5. Better Strap

The new strap on the Vive Pro is an improved version of the Deluxe Audio Strap, it is patently bulky, but it is more comfortable due to some subtle. The new cable routing keeps it a bit further from the head and it is less restrictive in terms of fitting in to the headset. The new head of the Vive Pro functions almost the same as the old one, with a knob on the back to make the back tighter to any level that suites satisfaction but there is a change in the design of the padding structure in order to increase comfort. The Vive Pro feels less obtrusive on the users’ head. The new improved headphones feel less likely to accidentally flip off from its extended position into the on-ear position while in the middle of putting on the headset. The Vive Pro headphones are also detachable.


It might be bulky, but HTC’s new Vive Pro have introduced a host of improvements that makes the headset to create a remarkable experience for its users.


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