An Ultimate Guide To Buying a VR Headset

Sep 14, 2018 · 3 min read

A VR headset is a technology-based display device that mirrors visuals naturally to the users’ head placement. Virtual Reality itself is a way to provide the simulation of a 3D Image or environment using special electronics like HD sunglasses or pen cameras in an almost real or physical resemblance.

Having to make a decision of what class and type of VR headset to buy for your personal or business use can turn out to be a tough one if you don’t have a guide to put you through. In the quest to get a VR headset for personal or professional use, there are possible features you should look out for. Stated below are a few of the rules that can serve as an ultimate guide towards buying a VR headset.

  1. Brands: Depending on your purpose of purchase, there are numerous companies that solely deal with the manufacturing of VR headsets. Brands in the VR marketspace fall under 3 categories:

i. Virtual Reality Developers: These brands are dedicated in developing the relating software and its components that handles all virtual reality projects.

ii. Custom Virtual Reality: These set of VR developers allow clients to outsource their specific virtual reality ideas to them for custom apps and game development.

iii. Industry-based Virtual Reality: These VR solution providers deal with an entire niche. Just like custom virtual reality, they provide VR solutions for industries and businesses.

2. Features: Features of existing VR headsets are as enormous as they get, ranging from brand to brand and purpose of creation. Before you dive into purchasing a VR headset it’s essential to view them based off the technology used in creating them.

The features of VR headsets majorly fall under 3 categories

i. Non-immersive Virtual Reality: This is a feature of a VR headset that allows its users to be completely aware of their immediate environment while undergoing a simulation.

ii. Semi-immersive Virtual Reality: This provides a more intrinsic user experience. Here, the user is almost fully engulfed by the virtual simulation but is allowed to be partly aware of their immediate environment.

iii. Fully-immersive Virtual Reality: Provides the most immersive form of virtual reality. In this case, the user is completely in the simulation only. And this allows for users to wear hardware devices like head-mounted displays and motion detecting devices to allow all their senses to be simulated into the virtual environment.

3. Price: The simplest form of VR headset is made of a simple magnifying lens and a sheet of cardboard, known as “Google Cardboard” that effortlessly interacts with your mobile phone and the stimulating environment. Efforts are constantly being made by other quality VR brands like VironIT, HTC, Samsung, Oculus Rift to set standards for the best prices that manufacturers can follow. Your budget should determine if you would buy the $400 worth VR headset, or an $800 device.

Uses Of VR Headsets

Virtual reality simulates the highest amount of our senses in order to achieve its purpose. Most likely our vision, hearing, touch and other vital senses are duly affected during simulation. In our present reality, there’s barely anything we don’t do using the required senses that a virtual simulation needs. This means the uses of VIRTUAL REALITY headsets and other simulation devices like pen camera and HD sunglasses are enormous.

Listed below are a few uses of VR simulations that enhance our daily activities and gives us quite an experience in the process:

  1. Movies
  2. Games
  3. Tourism
  4. Law Enforcement — crime scene reconstructions and investigations
  5. Learning Activities — aviation and military
  6. Live Streaming
  7. Smartphone Content Views — watching of videos
  8. Healthcare — CT scans and trainings
  9. ..And lots more

The most important part of virtual reality is to provide users with worthy experiences and enough comfort in their simulated virtual environment. Motion detectors allow for users to interact with the virtual environment in a natural manner and this helps the resulting effect to be filled with excitement and senses of immersion.


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