#ThisIsNotNormal — Things considered Normal by our Liberal “friends”

A frequent refrain by those on the Left is to suggest the happenings of the Trump presidency are not normal events. #ThisIsNotNormal they frequently cry on Twitter. When putting the things listed as Normal versus Not Normal, it’s pretty clear that the Left considers a fascist and oppressive state Normal. Lucky for us, their power is dwindling around the world.

Here are things they have decried as #ThisIsNormal and #ThisIsNotNormal.

Media Relationship

  • #ThisIsNotNormal: Pres. Trump and others in the Cabinet criticize the media publicly. No attempts have been made to silence any media, in fact more media outlets and more people are invited into the Press Room. Media were in uproar when a larger conference room was suggested and dishonestly reported that the Trump administration was trying to get rid of the media
  • #ThisIsNormal: Obama administration actively criticized Fox News for years. Unfortunately, they also harassed and legally challenged reporters that were simply covering normal topics of investigation. They indisputably chilled media scrutiny.


  • #ThisIsNotNormal: President Trump pausing Immigration for 90 days from 7 countries known to sponsor terror. Time to be used to shore up vetting techniques and train CBP/TSA workers.
  • #ThisIsNormal: Obama banning Immigration for 6 months for Iraqi refugees. Stopping refugees from Cuba who are living under a dictator 90 miles off the shore of mainland USA.

Special Prosecutors

  • #ThisIsNotNormal: Sen. Schumer calling for special prosecutor for Gen. Flynn. This despite numerous reports from NYTimes, NPR, WaPo and others back-tracking and now saying that the conversation was neither illegal nor improper
  • #ThisIsNormal: It’s been proven that the IRS politically targeted Conservative groups. IRS Director, Lois Lerner even invoked her Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate herself the House Judiciary Committee. This case was declined to be further investigated by Obama’s Attorney General despite calls for special prosecutors. (1)
  • #ThisIsNormal: Obama administration sold guns to Mexican cartels. Many of these guns later crossed the US border and were used to kill American citizens. AG Eric Holder held back investigation of this crime and protected key documents. He was held in contempt of Congress — the 1st cabinet official in history. Obama then used Executive privilege to protect this documentation. No special prosecutor was assigned despite numerous calls for it and evidence for it. (2)
  • #ThisIsNormal: Obviously you know all about the Clinton Email Server. Over 70 emails were found that were Highly Classified or SAP, the highest classification level known. Despite repeated calls for special prosecutors, Obama’s AG, Loretta Lynch declined to prosecute even meeting with the defendant’s party (Pres. Clinton) in a secret meeting. This is HIGHLY UNUSUAL for any attorney let alone the head of the Justice System and the ultimate boss of the FBI to be doing. No special prosecutor was assigned despite reams of evidence proving illegal activities (3)