Top 5 Underrated Moments In Animated Movies

Disclaimer: This articles features some spoilers from the movies that are listed here, I recommend watching these movies first before reading this but if you don’t want to, hey I don’t run your life you do you.

I seen list of animation on Youtube and Tumblr, some of them are different but mostly if not all of them always have the same selection of movies. So I decided to make a list of underrated moments based off my opinions of movies I feel don’t get a lot of attention.

5. Bigwig and General Woundwart

Watership Down

Bigwig wanted for Hazel to come with them to seek freedom, but General Wonderwart didn’t like that. So he went after them, and hunt them down. But not without a fight. General and Bigwig were at each other throats, one fighting for freedom and other for control. Who ends up winning well that’s for you to find out.

4. Once Upon A Time, There Was a Little Girl.


This is more of sad / makes you think moment. Aggie was little girl that was accused for witchcraft in 1712 because she could talk to the dead. Norman caped seeing her in flashback and read the history of her in the book given by Mr. Prenderghast, but when he faces her he finds out what she really is, a misunderstand kid just like Norman. Showing that If you show the bad side of you more, no one is gotta see the good side. Basically try to understand the monster behind the mask, you’ll be surprised what you see. It has a very too close to home feeling when comes to the topic.

3. I Have To Go Now

Over The Garden Wall

When everything go to hell, Wart snaps and says that everything was Greg’s fault, giving him the cold shoulder. Greg goes with the beast to set things right. But things end up going wrong when Wart he finds him. Greg ends up getting captured by the beast, in the end Wart gets up out of the branches and gets home safe but the scene itself plus when the music in the background does bring some tears to viewers eyes.

2. You Don’t Have To Be The Bad Guy

The Lego Movie

After all the things Lord Business put everyone in, Emmett give a peace offer saying “you don’t have to be the bad guy.” The whole idea behind this was that we can all share and appreciate what we do. We all have something about us, and just because some people don’t see it, doesn’t mean other people won’t. No matter what, were all special in our way.

1. I’m Sorry Dill / We Wish We Had Our Doggie Back

The Rugrats Movie

From a show that happy and enjoyable, this movie featured two well known tear jerking scenes that any kids from the 90′s would remember. The first scene, Tommy gets fed up with Dill for getting them lost and ruining Tommy’s friendship, he though covering Dil in banana paste and feeding him to the monkey so he can never see him again. But couldn’t because of guilt, so he tugged him in his arms and apologized. The second one being later on in the movie when they all come together, a wolf attaches to attack the babies but spikes comes to the rescue, during this fight Spike gets pushed by the wolf and almost falls off the bridge but before he did, he bite the wolf’s tail before the wolf can even touch the babies, because of this the wolf was dragged to the edge of the bridge where spike was, which ended up with both of them falling off the bridge. Then when they meet the lizard, instead asking to go home, they wish to have their dog back.

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