No Escape? Microsoft is About to Eat Apple for Lunch
Eric Elliott

Honestly I think Phil Schiller has a point. The Mac is a computer and not a handheld device. Creating an OS compatible with touch, and taking advantage of the touch technology would ultimately create a bigger version of IOS, which isn’t apples vision.

Let me translate this article from Swedish.

A couple of years ago we put in a lot of effort into this question (touch screens). We came to the conclusion the we can’t create the best computer in the world if we make MacOS and iPhone the same thing. We bring the best features from each OS, but we don’t want to merge the OS for something worse

I agree with this, and I would like to know your thoughts on Phils statement

PS of you find any grammatical mistakes I apologize in advance. I’m still 14 and come from Sweden, so my English might not be the best DS

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