Healthcare Insurance – A Must have

It goes without saying that our life today is full of turmoil due to chaotic conditions created by pollution, arson, violence, motor accidents and what not. Ugly life style has further aggravated to the extent that for once we are confused whether we are human beings or just a skeleton full of various known and unknown diseases camouflaged by skin! Does not all this prompt us once to set aside all the paraphernalia and devote some serious thought to our health, on which hinges ours and our family’s life and welfare? After all what is the purpose of our belaboring day and night, except for welfare of self and family! So after a due thought, one would be convinced that in today’s world, one should immediately rush for a healthcare insurance. Following are the major advantages of the healthcare insurance:

• Health insurance can reimburse the expenditure incurred on illness or injury, or offer cashless facility and directly settle your bills with the service vender.
• Offers income tax benefits
• Cashless medical facilities in thousands of reputed hospital in most parts of India
• Provision to plan individual health policy, family health insurance, senior citizen health plan
• Offers full family protection to family
• Facilities for pre - hospitalization and post-Hospitalization plan

Critical Illness Insurance India

The trump card to relieve oneself of all worries on account of buying health insurance is one and only, i.e. ‘CRITICAL ILLNESS INSURANCE INDIA’. It is just saying “Presto Presto” and doing away the whole of your tension to give handsome compensation for any critical illnesses you may suffer form. Leave aside the thought of all other medial policies. You just buy an exclusive critical illness insurance policy to secure yourself vis-à-vis hospitalization and all critical ailments, e.g. cancer, brain hemorrhage, heart attack, and multiple other such deadly diseases.

The worth noting factors of critical illness insurance India, inter-alia, are:
• Income tax rebate is given under section 80D
• Paralysis is also covered
• A lump sum amount is given at the time diagnosis of the critical illnesses covered
• Cashless facilities are available in numerous empanelled hospitals all over India.

Online Quotes

Once you have made up your mind to buy the insurance, there is an important stage for you to choose the mode to buy good insurer. You have lot many insurance agents, but all may not be to your liking. So, for that the first step is that you go online for seeking quotes. Search for some good vendors and request them to send online quotes for the products you are interested in. After receipt of several quotes, please study them thoroughly. You must be having certain doubts to clear. Ask these service providers all the questions coming to your mind. Satisfy from all angles as to the premium, age, renewal, settlement of claim, cashless facilities, NCB, concessions, list and location of hospitals, etc. etc. And it should be only after your full satisfaction that you should choose the best insurer, whose products should be tailored to your needs.

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