Design isn’t always beautiful. My process always involves lots of words and scribbles that make sense to nobody but me.

Steam-of-consciousness writing is not new to me. Writing a curated blog hoping for followers, hoping to document my design process, hoping to excel my career as a designer — this is new. So to start, I’ll be introducing myself through this stream-of-consciousness piece, hoping to get you to be curious about me and what I intend to do.

I jot down a list of potential topics on the Notes app on my phone. Then, I googled, “What to write as a first blog post entry.” Then I started typing this on text edit. As much as I’d like this to be a stream-of-consciousness piece, technology affords too much editing capabilities that I don’t get to keep all my grammatical and spelling errors. I’m a designer. I’m studying it at the Academy of Art University. It’s new to me, as it should be for all designers. By trade, this field is constantly changing, because it caters to people and the world people exist in. Since that’s always changing, so is design. I am visiting an old college friend of mine and we recalled the times I was struggling in my Animal Physiology lab. I wanted to be a surgeon. Or at least I thought I wanted that. Upon graduating with a BS degree in biology from UCSD, I had concluded that working in a hospital was probably the furthest away from a career that I wanted.

Fast forward to today. Design is an intersection of technology, art, and science. At least the way I see it, I hope to use design as a tool to solve problems as do all these fields. I’ve found the perfect trade that allows me to fuse my training in left-brained science and my unconventional understanding of the world to solve real world problems. In a nutshell, that’s me as a designer. It doesn’t always make sense, but… Art. I assume I’ll be coming back here and making edits.

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